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– We will communicate your message clearly and accurately. Whether it’s an internal staff newsletter, a press release or a specialist trade publication, the same principle applies: the best results are achieved when your message is clear, concise and easily understood

Editing and Design

– We will produce a document to fit your individual needs. Books, newsletters, annual reports, trade journals, media releases, brochures: Bring us your raw material and we will create a highly professional and attractive product.


Custom Publishing – Our core business is custom book publishing. Bring us your story and your shoebox of photos and we will offer advice on the options available to you for a range of self-publishing outcomes.

Commercial Publishing – If you would like to submit a manuscript for assessment, please initially provide a summary of the book and at least half a dozen finished chapters in Word format, either electronically or in printed form. We welcome author’s manuscripts but owing to the volume received for consideration, our response time is generally five to six weeks.

Our clients

include University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, CSIRO, UNICEF, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (Melbourne), AusAID, Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, Mount Eliza Business College, FullPoint Media, Leadership Strategies Pty Ltd, Gisborne Region Events Activities & Tourism Association.

Tel: +61 (03) 5428 2201
Mob: 0439 816 278

Latest Releases:

Gallipoli Eyewitness

Gallipoli Eyewitness Lt Gerald Gibson arrived in Egypt in December 1914 with a camera, two notebooks and his car appropriated to the Light Horse Brigade. He had no idea the following months in this ancient land would be the precursor to participation in one of Australia's most dramatic theatres of war - Gallipoli. Through the extraordinary events of the Anzac invasion of Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula, he became eyewitness to an event that has been commemorated in Australia for nearly 100 years.

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